About Christopher Vaughn



Not the wild mind you.  No rock climbing or desert plain drifting for this guy.  In essence it is a word that describes my living through words.  Existing through the release of my pen.  Surviving by way of letting the energy of my soul bleed and pour.

In the words, I live.  From my enigmatic “brain cell” the voices make sense and exude to the world.

Survivalist and free form poetry keep me safe in a crazy world.

As a small boy I stumbled upon a poet named Robert Frost.  His visual pen was stunning to my little fragile mind.  I remember reading the words over and over and wondering what it would be like to be in the worlds he created.

My penmanship was a hurdle, unfortunately as I wanted to be able to create stories like this.   I loved to read frivolously and my mother kept buying me books.  Thankfully, I never could get enough.  Science Fiction and fantasy were a huge favorite.  One teacher spent some time with me after class each day in fifth grade until I was able to write in a legible way.  Suddenly, something else happened…like magic I was hooked on how the words looked and formed and came to be together.

Honors English molded me into a true lover of the English language.  Continued to be inspired by authors like Madeline L’Engle, Anne Rice, and Stephen King.   Then I stumbled upon the prolific and superbly talented Clive Barker.  As an artist, sculptor, poet, directer, writer, and poet.  He was the total package.  And I could relate to his sexuality and sensual eye.

At a young age also I was transformed by music.  But could not hone an instrument other than my voice.  One vocalist, Kevin Ogilvie (also known as “Ogre”), frontman for the seminal group Skinny Puppy, inspired me to never fear exposure and be myself.  Throughout whatever pain, elevate through my words.  Release!

I have never stopped.

Survivalist.  Me.

Christopher E. Vaughn

a.k.a. Futuristlimited


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