These leaves are brushing

Boisterous answers like plans

Man is boy stirring again

A grin is winning in his forever land

Took a glitter fair and pouring 

The million times you were not boring

A waking of feverish lips

Kissing hell and heaven in moments

The mirror kills the moisture 

Like a bus load of destinies 

Eyes in seats of gold 

This headless paper God remnant

Not his hands. Not his feet.

Never can there be a repeat.

Please take a seat. 

Dropping silhouettes and dreaming

Paragon surrendered 

Feathers to shoulders ache

The duke is still so very awake 

Not a minor development here

Toward the stars a dusty skill

A glow of brilliant bright fleeting teeth 

A chattering beneath 

To sea a free bird, a lad

Insane the reflection reversing

A birthing the man trembling but changing

Perfect in every single way 

Like he was every ordinary day

An oddity in a collective display 

The fading is only in an instant

Regality is persistently to be

Forever our David Bowie.
For the glorious Thin White Duke.
A tribute to one of the most influential artists to ever be.
(C) 2016 Christopher Vaughn


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