lover’s fall.

lover's death.

lover’s fall.

he is walking inside this room
head down fashioning the doom
packed up tight the muscle need
a blue faced window caving heed
wick of candle edging low
fathomless a heartless blow
weaker fingers abruptly flick
this hand is fading in the sick
holding curtains at a wall
plastic features molding crawl
hips concocted in a twist
hitching voice might soon insist
pick a fluid jarring vein
a mother nodding is insane
heat beneath a windowsill
the heart is beating from the will
shake a mortal singing thought
a vacancy is what he bought
sheets so wet a patient price
cataclysmic shirking vice
happen in a dreaming stance
a pomp and choking circumstance
slip months to life behind an eye
break reflection in his cry
the lover reeling in this skin
tormented slowly from within
he is flummoxed shadow art
cordoned drawn and ripped apart
stop in floppy sideways breath
loose his arms in solemn death.

(C)2012 Christopher Vaughn

Photo: (C) Melissa Bailey.


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