You are evil young flesh consuming,
Spin circles in the blood,
Scary fix on the needle red-line,
Imbibe a routine to make it glow.

Peach skin breaks open wide,
A sardonic compression,
Floods of infants invade the psyche,
Only mother and chemical halo.

Fill tonight the gray echo,
The seeds are dusted on carpets of hatred,
Screws are loosely chosen,
Regard your life by a sarcastic inch.

Hands are pillows and suffering,
Delusions are fragile with hunger,
Millionth time his derision,
Pinch back the frozen hero again.

Could it succeed the blue?
Eat the remnants of a catharsis,
Shakes of a tempest rising,
A doll drawn from the harshest tribe.

Bad corners of the brain exist,
Hidden features of a dead miracle,
A ghost is haunting a bent sensation,
Lips of distemper crack wide.

(C)2004 updated 2012 Christopher E. Vaughn


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