bargain in blue.

bargain in blue.

“Bargain In Blue”

She preens in blue pixels,
Cannonballs in bloom and disreputable proof,
Duck under the bleeding roof!
None can go much higher than this,
Pale proximity of failure,
A boy underneath her clothes.

Meat for makers in the palms of giants,
Billion folds in a world that kicks like children,
Fixated on rotten bloody memories!
Functional bliss is the charity of his denial,
Box up the futile manhood,
Vermifuge of his reluctant sex.

Choke backwards the lengths of chins,
Bruised up metal sins and sedated coils tearing,
Belted to a chemical cross!
She’s mutilating fluids chewing out her eyes,
Ill faith is altruistic,
Revolting pride between her legs.

She hides behind the flaccid wreck,
The scarred blue of her face,
A wraith to the lathe of denial and trust!
Existence is a birth to ruin.
Failed proximity of pale,
A girl underneath the boy.

(C)2004 updated 2012 Christopher E. Vaughn


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