the promise kept.

the promise kept.

The Promise Kept”

i am pressed against the light,
hold me with your tender violin,
a voice from heaven conceiving,
breath lost in a moment of you.

complete me again tonight,
garden a position in which we grow,
map the beauty of flight intending,
purity the basest law of love.

this is the modern victory of late,
a boy keeping secrets in pockets,
tormenting the left ears’ melodrama,
believing in a perfect living joy.

running the permanent water ground,
burning my eyes in the fluid faces,
cheap this dusty dream would have been,
against a tear in my hand.

you are the promise i have always kept,
picked from the brightest corner of my world,
exhibiting the foolish light of my head,
play me a dreamy hint of your heart.

guiltless pleasures in currencies changed,
these words cannot reveal anything,
your beautiful here in the place i feel,
insisting that you stay there forever.

kind of funny when i look up,
the stars are opinions in the deep sky,
thoughts across an open canvas,
purchasing the wishes we make.

these kisses are not memory,
shiny creatures in the burden-less field,
melting into our worlds and oceans,
breathing lost in the moment of us.


(C)2004/updated 2012 Christopher Vaughn


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