the last day.

the last day.

the last day.

solve me in light
quicker feelers in the mileage
exhume a fallible boy
skeletal exhaust
cut twice
banished into the wall
hair flushed an eye
spinning room
fold the large hand
bloodying briefs
no room to breathe in
sleep ghosting
run wretch and heaving
bathroom scream
sink realm
read water
lock a door to doom
loose faith in change
no god to save me here
a darkness filter
lips skilled later
dinner is fodder
death threat maker
skin is punched in
scraping forks for wrath
look twice it’s over
a suicide tryst
oh mother
white face corresponds
time isn’t real
head over heals
quicksand rug
rolling in a sheet
superhero on a roof
a sanctity at eight
zombie man walking
standing in hate
tapping the foot
cock of a rifle
to the left to the right
against me tonight.

Christopher Vaughn
this is a very personal piece. i am glad that part of my life is over. this was long over due to be put into words this way.


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