is she just a picture reflective?
saving pain to a sad song forlorn
is her weird a floatation device?
sad wreckage bloated un adorn
is she a wound of laceration?
to cauterize no emptier trench
is her fugue a poisonous wish?
dogma twisting a vicious stench
is she missing the cries alone?
throwing voices in a manic hole
is her breaking a conceited lie?
pinch and hitching a dirty role
is she colder than a mother now?
forceps tight between the thighs
is her ample failure a bloody kiss?
slower to never those staring eyes
is she a lover or flavor tonight?
portrayal of scorn fleshing out
is her temple devout imprisoned?
pale thing to swallow the doubt
is she just a memory in silence?
a balled up girl in a corner at night
is her heart just a design to die?
face in a puddle reflective in light.

(C)2012 Christopher Vaughn


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