the ring.

the ring.

the ring.

she cannot sleep again
eating poison from the rain
plays karma monstrous blue
holding out to nothing new

a bleaching voice to sing
meshing back this loveless ring
starve blood a bolder stitch
pillar filth semantic itch

sold upon a daunting lie
shake rattle at an eye
a crying voice to shiver need
small choices empty feed

tantric covering the heart
mother shoving from the start
peel a mist from semi light
abusive scorn this pillow fight

methods many cold and new
fingers construct ugly true
man from room to room the skill
beating months of built up will

hover love a sigh in space
seek death from a lover’s face
shun poison reign a baby’s cry
a heart inside might never die.

(C)2012 Christopher Chris Vaughn


we need to fight these sex rings with everything we have.

these people should be incarcerated to the fullest extent of the law.

we must protect the children.


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