no labels.

no labels.

No Labels.

You live in ardent passion
You animate in gifts
You love and smile
You breathe who you are
You cry in daylight
You fly at night
You dance in closets
You fall behind
You kiss and smolder
You kindly sway
You see me with you
You hold my hand
I will be you you will be me
We’ll be each other for a day…

(C)2012 Chris Vaughn

posted to my new page:

I wish that PEOPLE, especially YOUNG PEOPLE that are finding themselves would just KNOW that you are not a LABEL. You are a PERSON. a VOICE. an INDIVIDUAL. Someone who has RIGHTS and is ALIVE. I love as you love as anyone might LOVE. I believe in things and get inspired as YOU might. As anyone MIGHT. LIFE is too short to stick to LABELS and I BELIEVE WE ARE ALL PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET WHO LIVE TO LOVE.


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