vermin theatre.

clawing at ugly
a reaching in breath laps
clutching purse
hurts left angst
old is blood is nothing
shake unbalanced
hands folding light
over is legacy is opinion
leak a truth serum
serene a pond empty
cold love lengthened
put out the back
anti fixing anti hits
mud in this build
a press of flesh
moist revelry age
aching night
breath is hurt is youth
shame in that
acrid dust pricing
filth is fitting is fear
mute tickling feet
sheets of remedy
preen all trust
imbalance needles
culprit fish flora
defunct fugue tease
sweat easing heat
methodology push
a milk from skin
ugly is precious
faith pretense
a motif to fit.

(C)2011 Christopher Vaughn

inspired by: “Rats In My Bed” by: Click Click


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