rotifer pure

rotifer pure

“rotifer pure”

purity toast
ability bluing youth
skill flex muscle bloodline
secretive floatation devices
spiky pox tell tales
flight coordinates belted
spill ignitions
fate flooring saviors
purest host
fox smokes the view
signs pissing the screens
salivation schemes
peep a military hue
chorus of vigilantes
belief is pontificating
helluva miracle spacing
viral mincing mentioning
rotifer blending
motive a plot of fingers
minds of tech god
silver headache peal
remedies shock
terror oxide flit
hopeless scope a root
evil is poor
able rancid whore
purest roast
escape a housing feast
vilified agent curate
cooked up regime
priestly beast eating
truth of flesh
no light is sane
shivers timber
purity ghost.

(C)2011 Chris Vaughn

inspired by: “Vyrisus” by: Skinny Puppy
a series of pieces inspired from “Handover” (Skinny Puppy)


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