over it.

over it.

“over it.”

ugly faces sucking inches
eating out the colder educated
bliss the bound
the wrenching old is filling need
the words get squandered
mud in mouth
desire is hue and high
eat blessing bunching
function is monthly methane
the mutate motion silhouette
a dug in regret
felt tip regularity thin
disgust a holy hole in me
read augmenting
fake falling secrets
they silk and squirm
toil tirelessly
flinch over the silence
tent the eyelet metal
heavy over the mouth
the scores shame
shave a pillar likeness
functionless is daily mistake
built skills impressive
extensions are nailing
smell the futility
the hole is uglier than the dig
shy is distention
maybe a rotten fill
a breaking bend in feeling
truer stand a leg left
to fall on.

Christopher Vaughn
inspired by: “Ovirt” by Skinny Puppy

(part of a series)


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