the pool.

the pool.

the pool.

edges wicked froth the lips of her dementia
laid rage from legs mute from incredible pain
shaking fingers have thorns encrusted black
stoic face breath of a sleeping beast imbibe
sustain a concrete nurturing a bosom flooding
lossless furtive edge throw sturgeon wide
exquisite foamy vena cava scarlet rushing reach
melt mothering motif fluttering light ballast
shades embellish bottom feeding worthless skew
tepid flowing depravation leviathan secretion
love breach impeccable stench of larvae score
fell melancholy life chivalry spinning floral eye
firm mirrors belch bewildered revelry undying
threads of living tissue loyal hosting sanctuary
outrageous underworld tumult tinged in sorrow
lust unbound bring close the heathering height
beauty lies silky bellies singing her solemn lull
the exquisite bodice excretes immaculate heat
extremities badger remarkably open stagnant run
miracles belie scores of a genomic swimming pool.

(C)2011 christopher vaughn


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