pick a fortunate hollow a swath to swallow

sheep to twist in fields a tryst a pick of flock

pathos beet red blood fed impurity pontificate

piss in streams the fluid gleams the mirror defy

legs to stand on hand won the machine of mind

perpetual mixing making monsters faking insolent

filters function ugly whores the subtle cores lie

mobile manhood flake and stench take to money make

the young clueless no feeling few less to feeding

beasts in beds broken heads uncut curdling throat

sounds this voice beats choice eats this lethal wand

catch a fluid mildew this will do what it wants

the larvae is intrepid inside you divide two a day

strings attach themselves impudent shelves align

this mortar crusted the stomach disgusted hate

a breeding glue to chivalrous hue a mangled din

breathing close a wall and dose a whiter necessity

false echo art deco chains of synonymity con

a bellowing howl impatient cowl the minute ran

outward lard must dissolve and miss solve not

a prison fitting on land sitting man’s dozer hoist

filth wretch the laser sketch a patient odd scheme

soothe fodder improbable father cold fist again

left hand breaks to right gland aches underneath

belief peels a coil a skin soil to muddle the math

die love a moth’s glove with dusty paper wings

sell a myth the width of your brainstem

chew some faith imprinted wraith in rear view

engines failing when bins fill of meat and bones

solvents milk the men absence then nature speak

pick unfortunate hollow a swath to follow.

(C)2011 Christopher Vaughn


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