Awake, Watching


Awake and watching glow to beam the wilt in love

Shave a quickness in sorrow a decorative lot to breathe

Silhouette the mother she comes quiet into my room

Filled jars of poisonous memory commemorate a dream

A jubilant laugher cavort soothing sweet sadness lament

Leavened marks quieter each flagrant sorrowed chill.


Dreaming sanctuary governing the sweltering chill

Levitation still bent a quake in skin corrupt of love

Shrewd intent no voice calmer in given seeker’s lament

Gone soldier brooding a quiet squelch from lungs to breathe

Bouts shake a filtered light breaking in a dream

A carbon quickness eating lengthening of this room.


Bent armor study the handshakes and caging this room

Melted heavy holds on crowded rules so late a fall chill

Swift mutations of youth quaking pale dance to dream

Bereft mood the dark seething from a brutal love

Derisive voices sing heaviest on a chest that can’t breathe

Holding tickets to short circuits held close in lament.


Faith switch to brooms sweeping flowers in lament

A floor corrupt of leaves swirling thieves have no room

Tempered hollow my allowance shallow as I breathe

Below my feet a mystery scar faint as a winter chill

Scorned embrace tugs up the rug in a shadowy love

Paper strewn about arcs of fables in my headless dream.


Stoic fortress baked in miracles swing castles in my dream

Fade lethargic or imprisoned that resilient lament

Trick ponies pull fanciness and dance repressive love

Burnt and egregious a threat heavy in this room

Thick caramel in threads karmic a filament of chill

Sheets in sweat wallowing lungs guilted to breathe.


Waves father seeming praying as I breathe

Augments of a past screeching halts sticky candied I dream

Thin minted smelling and scribbling brings a chill

A cordial in a purse faces bluish in rain torrent lament

Mother picking up belongings scattered soiled in the room

Failure lurking my stale longing from shortness of love.


Vanishing throws me awake till I breathe in the chill

A stowaway of love left over from a childhood dream

Lament a fragment of reel to real watching from my room.


(C)2011 Christopher Vaughn



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