Swim me under the apparent paper door,
Finite plasticine depositing through connection,
Calibrate the spleen approximate against a tiny hole,
I breathe into a silver demented caged form.

Fluid child tastes the fabric of decimation,
Such pounds of rage mimic a withdrawal syndrome,
Empyrean sickness concedes through this mind,
I sever light from glass and dark to gray and pale.

Prick confusion from these bones that reveal a bend,
Cables crawl the soft combining of tenacious ache,
Consumption ennui, faith like bullets breathing clues,
Pump the sin steel edges through the belly.

Urge a still benediction benign to swallow guilt,
An infant reclusive in the whisper of a gargantuan hate,
What could heal this blood infested with barbed tendrils?
Folding the junket of mankind in my brain, a mind-cage.

Slip me into a sack of vapor shadow construct,
Claustrophobic glue and chips of wood break the teeth,
Chaotic lotus belted into the worth of a fix deluge,
Meat for measure met inside the skin deranged.

Fit the pleasure so tight to seal the marginal sedative,
Conceal the human intention so that it breeds the germ,
Sit me on a hill bent and shallow to face a blind will,
Shoot my veins wide open till I breathe out a silver light.

© 2004 (updated 2011) Christopher E. Vaughn


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