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a gland in tenacious rhythm
fingernails corrosive
bluest eyes breached
fluid ugly faces crawling
inch by loaded inch
catch breath…
catch it!
eat the child internal
pounding blood
confounding thud
crack lids seep
the ruined fire
empty stomach is a bastard
the choke
distortion paper visionary
ordinary is gone…
faded rapture
middle finger can’t quite extend
not spoken
patch the festering kiss of infection
sun chafing ache
more than wonder
favored mother to another
faceless warrior
sucks his thumb
un-sanitized truth
a warm flood hits the brain
snatch breath…
snatch it!
beat the child up internal
bashing head
rehashing red
crucial denial of oxygen
beneath a frozen sky.

note: sometimes pictures and words change faces and names. sometimes work changes face and renames.

2004/2011 reworked piece.


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