Midnight City

Midnight City


midnight city

midnight city come apart at the seams
drive the political victims away
impotent patience of tolerant dreams

towers hang the skylit sequined highway
nucleus approximate the tension
principles intercede the faint delay

hover a quivering mainstream mention
mosaic underlying the lounge act
flight pattering mantra of invention

brainwash intoxicating mainland tract
scape a visual world window appear
perforating membranes for the impact

interface to race a natural fear
combinant revelry against the sea
personify the human engine here

placating marketing schematic fee
allegorical romantic time loss
pacify a mainline worm wiring tree

fathoming meticulous phantom toss
fume archaic building blocks of this time
lenticular view of metro in gloss

paintings in daydreams malevolent prime
seekers feet mortal endeavoring fate
modernist bruising inventions to climb

fervor to clutter a retrograde state
compassionate vagrancy empty view
tumultuous ignorance becomes fate

strata remarkable ignore a clue
pretentious the ingenuity nod
umbilical seeds will nature undo

improvisation through ages abroad
lessons quill inches of membranes in ice
universal illustration of God.

patterns conventional wisdom it seems
convolute a midnight city in dreams.

(C) 2011 Christopher Vaughn



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