oh frenetic beating, screaming
fleeting my moves like irrelevant sick
mock the worry in prisms of prime
sardonic stance shaking, function
bruise my body blatant a bloom
thicker blood boil my wounds
baste the larger hands starving
shade a mistaken province flow
slow meat stock brevity, stirring
pedantic eyes melting the words
ogle me as a twelve year old skids
thin lights behind masks and shoes
running fists facing winds, torrent
badly binging filth on moistened knees
conjure me loud noises to breaths
to giants that make conquering feat
low beastly armor to middle me out
tumult a grey built love inside
a wasting slew of dusty boy
no cry to waste of tearing regret
stern flight break boundaries now
oh frantic believing, steaming
valid statue form of a man.

(C)2011 Christopher Vaughn

I was bullied as a kid but moved on. I dedicate this to those who are feeling the pain of this and trying desperately to live and survive. And to those who have given up the hope.


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