i walk and run this light burning

across a chorded ballast prime

shake my fading treelike stance

pillow in my full stomach spin

a moan worse than mom’s cry

yesterday or months ago quake

periods seem blacker than me

than weeks that i sit standing

breathing intake exhausting ache

blooming knots in brains stem

crooked caulked up wall thing

every meaning is built in siding

leaning the smoke tower heat

i’m a beaten brat bowing low

on carpet coals fueling slow

traps caking plaque stemming

find the silk in sequential old

dreams woe pill a sugar seed

fangs seethe sanctuary knees

unquiet rep a stoic filter glow

stop still my puncturing eye

afraid to level ahead a cargo

shaven hands lengthened face

a fluid gallons trim multitudes

times your waist to shatter

a mirror outlook is palatial

gross the love flooding out

times this missing feeling me

aged a lonely tile on a floor

a parked stray looking away

if i am missing a piece today

i’ve fallen from the puzzling

more or less lost the race

a bulb broke on the dark path.


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