Pare the flavors from the mind,
Life savors removing and unkind,
Behaviors kicking the girl to death,
Stifling waives the right of breath.

Coil the mud throughout the skin,
Impede the blood that heats within,
Flood the eyes that see what’s left,
Futile dud broke and bereft.

Tempt the hate to silence will,
Pretentious weight that cracks to kill,
Bait the skill in hellish fix,
Mutate the score to a wicked mix.

Fuel the meat to complexity,
Mash and beat the perplexing need,
Defeat the wide awake again,
Bruised feet shaken twist and bend.

Screw the thick of a brain undone,
Useless wick of one con run,
Sick the loins and changing smell,
The trick to breathe is hard as hell.

Chase the light inside this room,
Couldn’t fight the impending doom,
Bright eyed baby boy is born,
Tight the rope of addiction scorn.

© 2005/2011
Christopher E. Vaughn


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