crush my love into flowers

the ice box flows inconsiderate

sable soul towards the augments

you sicken the heart to glass

thick or thin mint sadist thrill

to fill the piggy in the mirror

a cruel monthly washing hands

soap won’t skin this retardant

blaming flagrance in the flames

own the chest of heart breaks

primp the purity in a head rest

quake to the lymph nodes eroding

soak the blood satin shivering

a boy unseeded by the vapors

rage of loops engaging the real

average dressing the weaker ring

peals come off once undone

shed my meat for a reduction

move me to less than from plus

moil the rest of the world away

i darken my lot and suck on it

crestless cracks to avoidance

forget hot lights in the room

biggest empty to remembrance

changes eat branches arthritic

feet cringe with an ambient melt

loveless cuts a song in tune

famous envelope pursuing me

catch a date in a whirring move

my doom is vehemently a crush.

(C)2011 Christopher E. Vaughn


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