“Age Of Loneliness”

Age Of Loneliness


this age of loneliness a souvenir
thought deep toward a proverbial sky
architectural bodies move in here

trivial twist of a kiss in the lie
beneath a prayer tower’s heat tonight
cut a swath and throw remnants of the eye

persuade the moon’s slender fungus unite
melody behaving the pool of shades
chivalry heartache equipped for the fight

elemental embrace a courtship fades
breaths of ghosts reveal a movement of fear
severed thoughts betraying hand so evades

Obrumbrata on a settee in here
northern her lips pontificate a grin
late words eat the mood afraid to appear

shadowy emblem a scratch from a sin
ignorant youthful erroneous play
hand-spun weaving worlds from out to within

forlorn awake a dreamer’s dusty play
and towards a heavenly might so near
a soldier’s remains in a box display

fell light on a white gown a night so clear
this age of loneliness a souvenir

(C)2011 Christopher E. Vaughn


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